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Georgeanne Brennan: A Woman in Full

By Marybeth Bizjak

Georgeanne Brennan is fetching groceries from her car as I pull up to her Winters farmhouse for a visit. When I offer to help, Georgeanne starts to give me a bag, then changes her mind. “I’ll take the heavy one,” she says, placing a much lighter sack into my arms.

The prolific cookbook author and renowned food expert turned 80 in May, but she’s clearly capable of toting heavy bags—and much more. In the past year alone, she opened an apéritif tasting bar in Winters, finished writing a cookbook, became a recipe developer for Kermit Lynch’s wine club, accepted a commission to create a collection of small artworks for Pottery Barn Teen, traveled to France, cruised the Mediterranean, penned travel stories for the Napa Valley Register and started a blog. Read more…


From the San Francisco Chronicle

L’Apero les Trois Tasting Room and Lounge Selected!

The Bay Area’s 11 Most Exciting New Spots to Taste Wine
By Jess Lander

“Made with locally-sourced produce, L’Apero’s vermouths are an homage to traditional French flavors, like green walnut, fig, and Meyer lemon, and utilize a range of grape varieties for the base. Set inside a French bistro setting, tastings include a flight of six aperitifs alongside bites, such as black olive tapenade and gougères. Spritz cocktails are available as well.”


From the San Francisco Chronicle

This French-inspired tasting room is the first in California to focus on aperitifs.

“I’m particularly fond of the Blenheim Apricot aperitif, which has a deliciously tangy, crunchy, just-ripe bite to it, with a splash of sparkling rosé.”

By Esther Mobley, Senior Wine Critic, San Francisco Chronicle


From the Napa Valley Register

Sasha Paulsen, The World in a Glass: L’Apéro les Trois: A moment in time

“And there’s no sense of hurry at L’Apéro les Trois [tasting lounge]; it’s your moment in time. It is a touch of Paris in Winters, the style of France infused with the bounty of Northern California.”

Sasha Paulson, Features Editor Napa Valley Register and columnist, The World in a Glass


From Edible Marin and Wine Country

Free-Spirited Aperitifs: L’Apero les Trois delivers much-needed joie de vivre

In this new normal, where home is work and work is home, the line between on-time and off-time has blurred unsettlingly, requiring near-herculean effort to entirely unplug and unwind.

It should come as little surprise that Georgeanne Brennan, the James Beard Award—winning author of many cookbooks as well as books about living in the “French-style” and longtime contributor to Edible Marin & Wine Country, has the perfect antidote.

Carolyn Yung, Edible Marin & Wine Country