French Sunday Lunch, Coming to Downtown Winters

by Georgeanne Brennan

All over France, from humble abodes to fancy villas, from corner bistros to grand restaurants, Sunday lunch is a universal occasion for families and friends to gather over a shared mid-day meal, beginning somewhere around 1 pm and continuing well into the afternoon, depending on the amount of lingering over conversation, wine, and coffee.

Here at L’Apéro les Trois, we love to replicate the things we love about French food and drink, but with California style ingredients. So, we’ve decided, in addition to our wildly popular seasonal dinners,  to do our version of French Sunday Lunch – Sunday Supper. Every other month, starting in January, we’ll be having Sunday Supper at 22 Main Street, beginning at 1:30 pm, seating at 2:00 pm.

Like all French Sunday lunches, we’ll begin with an apéritif. 

An apéritif  serves as the first act of the occasion, opening up the palate and the conversation. Children are included, served perhaps Orangina or Menthe à l’eau, a mint flavored water. In the countryside, guests might be offered a housmade apéritif such as Vin d’orange or Vin de Noix. Urban settings might lean toward Champagne, a purchased apéritif as Lillet Blanc, or sweet vermouth. A few savory bites, such as olives, crackers, or tapenade toasts accompany the drinks. We’ll be serving a version of one of our own L’Apero les Trois apéritifs, choosing from Homestead Quince, Rosemary Orange, Green Walnut, Mission Fig, Blenheim Apricot or Meyer Lemon

What’s for lunch?

The main dish changes with the seasons. Rich daubes and braises for winter, savory roasts with an abundance of young vegetables for spring, and grilled meats and fish with fresh salads for summer. Fall brings duck, wild game and mushrooms. Of course, the star of French Sunday lunch varies too, from region to region. In the southwest, hearty cassoulet tucked full of beans, sausages and meat is popular. Far away to the northeast in Alsace, choucroute garnie, the famous sauerkraut dish loaded with smoked meats and sausage takes center stage.  In Provence, nothing is more celebratory for Sunday lunch than a grand bouillabaisse chock full of fresh seafood from the Mediterranean, topped with garlic-rubbed toasts slathered with spicy red rouille sauce.

L’Apéro les Trois’ Sunday Suppers follow the French tradition, so look for in-season main dishes, followed by a green salad, and a seasonal dessert, always preceded by one of L’Apero les Trois’ apéritif. An added bonus? A 15%  discount on the featured apéritif. Seating limited. For more information, click here.

Coming Up:

January 14 – Cassoulet: SOLD OUT
March 17 – Bouillabaisse